About Val and Deidre

Val and Deidre are a mother/daughter team. Being creative is a vital part of both our lives and brings us great joy! We are often asked how long we have been face painting and the answer is since 2007. Val started the business and Deidre joined in.

When face painting was introduced to us, we were intrigued and enchanted with the possibilities and delights of creating artwork on canvases that were all around us, ready, willing and smiling. We tell people all the time that we really love our job. Being able to make a child feel special, important, unique and beautiful is a treasure. Our hope is that each will have unexpected joy in their created design.

Val was able to attend Bodyssey in August, 2010 in Calgary, Alberta. This was a Face And Body Extravaganza! Many world class Face and Body Artists attended and Val was able to learn from some of the best teachers, such as Mark Reid, Jinny, Lucie Brouillard, Erika Harrison, Lea Selley, and more. We look forward to more conventions as we have always loved to learn!

A favorite part of the job is when Val’s husband attends. He is driver, brush washer, organizer, bag carrier, and the one who feeds and encourages and loves us through it all. We are so thankful for him. He is a teacher and loves to visit both the parents and kids as we get into the painting 'zone' and do our art, focusing on the faces in front of us.

So thanks to everyone who hires us and allows us the privilege of letting us use your skin as our canvas. You bring us joy and we hope Joyful Face Painting brings joy to you!

About Our Team

Joyful Face Painting has given us the chance to give others an opportunity to creatively paint. We have trained others to both paint and apply glitter tattoos. Now they can join us on larger events or go out on their own spreading creativity and joy even further. We work hard to create beautiful faces quickly. When you hire Joyful Face Painting you will hire someone trained and ready to paint wonderful faces in a safe and fun way. They will be courteous, caring, and love their jobs. Give us a call!